Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan
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Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

After my car was broadsided, I knew that there had to be something I could do to save a little time and money. I was nervous about paying to fix the car myself, so I started looking into my auto insurance policy to see if they could help. They were really kind and generous, and before I knew it my car was in thee shop getting fixed. I wanted to start this blog all about choosing a better auto insurance plan to improve your life. Check out this information to see what you might be able to do to make things right.


Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

Three Factors For Insurance You Should Consider Before Buying Your First Boat

Patrick Pearson

If you are shopping for your first boat, you likely have a maximum price that you are looking to pay, but you need to look at the cost of ownership of the boat. There are many costs associated with having a boat, and one of them will be your insurance. How much you pay for insurance will partly be related to the price of the boat, but there are other factors as well. Understanding these factors now will help you pay less for your first policy. The following are among the most important factors.

Taking a boat safety course

Since this is your first boat, an insurance company will factor that in when calculating your premiums. However, if you take a boat safety class and earn a certificate for completing the course, you will save money on your policy. Always inquire about this when you're quoting for boat insurance because it is the insurance company that will have a list of approved courses in your area to qualify for this discount.

The place where your boat will be stored

If you are living in an area of the country that has cold winters, you are not likely to use your boat during this time. If you are storing the boat inside of a storage unit versus outdoors, you will likely save money on your policy. Also, some insurance companies will charge you lower premiums during this off season. In areas of the country where you may be using it year round, you may be charged more for keeping the boat in a dock that will be subject to damage from storms versus storing it inland, away from a lake or ocean.

Insure your used boat for market value

This assumes that you are buying a used boat. As your boat ages, it will be worth less. If your boat is damaged, the insurance company will compensate you with the current market value of the boat. This is the cheapest way to insure your boat. If you were to buy a new boat, then you will want to insure it for the price you paid for it. This is because it will depreciate from the moment you take it off the dealer's lot. In addition, if you are shopping for a used boat, those with diesel engines are often cheaper to insure than gasoline engines given the same engine power. As gasoline engines age, they have more issues that can create fire hazards.

There are other factors involved in calculating the cost of your policy, so get quotes on more than one model and make of boat, and always compare similarly sized boats when comparing insurance premiums. Make sure to quote more than one insurance company and never be shy about asking questions to an insurance agent such as those with Veronica's Auto Insurance.