Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan
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Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

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Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

SR-22 Insurance: What It's For And Who Needs One

Patrick Pearson

SR-22 insurance, or SR-22s, is a type of insurance that is required for any driver who has had their license suspended after driving without insurance, driving under the influence tickets, or other infractions while driving. The SR-22 insurance is a certificate shown as proof of the driver meeting the requirements set in place. The insurance needs to be kept until the period of time stated by the court. Any lapse in the SR-22 insurance will result in negative action for the driver.

Who needs to get the SR-22 insurance?

There are a variety of issues that may require you to get the SR-22 insurance, including:

  • Large number of points on driving record

  • Driving without insurance

  • Convicted of DUI or DWI

  • Involved in accident resulting in injuries or other serious accidents

You cannot reinstate your license without getting the SR-22 insurance.

How does someone get the insurance?

In order to get this specific insurance, you need to contact your auto insurance company and tell them that you need to have SR-22 coverage. If the car insurance company does not carry high-risk drivers, you will have to switch to one that does. The insurance company has to be the one to file the proof of SR-22 insurance with the court. You are not allowed to file it on your own. Once the company sends the notice to the courts, you will have certifiable proof that you are fulfilling the SR-22 requirements.

How long does the insurance last?

The length of the SR-22s will depend on the case and the state that the driver lives in. On average, the driver will be required to keep the SR-22s for a minimum of three years. Should you get another violation during that time, the required time will move forward to another date. Once the time is completed successfully, you can switch back to standard car insurance.

How much does the SR-22 cost?

The rates of the SR-22 insurance is dependent on many factors, like state or the insurance company. The cost is usually around the same price as other high-risk insurance coverage. High-risk coverage is much more expensive than standard car insurance. Because you need the SR-22 as proof of car insurance, you need to pay up front each month instead of monthly payments like most coverage.

For specific information about SR-22s in your state, contact local auto insurance providers like Able Insurance Agency and ask them for some free quotes. You can also contact the DMV office nearest you to see if they have any information regarding the coverage.