Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan
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Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

After my car was broadsided, I knew that there had to be something I could do to save a little time and money. I was nervous about paying to fix the car myself, so I started looking into my auto insurance policy to see if they could help. They were really kind and generous, and before I knew it my car was in thee shop getting fixed. I wanted to start this blog all about choosing a better auto insurance plan to improve your life. Check out this information to see what you might be able to do to make things right.


Choosing A Better Auto Insurance Plan

Smart Gadgets To Keep You Safe On The Road

Patrick Pearson

There are different ways of staying safe (both in terms of accident avoidance and theft deterrent) on the road. For example, there are technology gadgets that can help with different aspects of road safety. Here are a few examples of those gadgets:

Smartphone Mount

Smartphones are some of the most distractive things for motorists. Unfortunately, you may need to use your smartphone to help with navigation while driving in a strange area. Even then, you shouldn't hold a smartphone in your hand or place it on a seat while driving; you can easily cause an accident that way.

A smartphone mount allows you to use your smartphone for navigation without distraction. The mount is placed on the dashboard in such a way that you can have a glance at your map safely.

Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot is an area around an automobile that you cannot normally see (via rear-view or side mirrors) while driving. Blind spots cause as many as 840,000 accidents every year. Most newer cars have mirror or video technologies that allow drivers to see everything around their cars, including the traditional blind spots. For older cars that don't have these functions, there are blind spot mirrors that motorists can add to enjoy the same things. They come in different designs, but the common ones will alert you (for example via light flashes) when someone is in the blind spot.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker allows you to track your car if it is stolen. Cars fitted with trackers have higher recovery rates than those without the technology. Look for a tracker that you can monitor from any place on the word via an internet enabled gadget. Others come with geofencing technologies that enable you to receive an alert any time your car exists a predetermined location. Have your tracker fitted by a reputable company so that thieves can't locate it easily. Lastly, alert the police and the tracking company if your car is stolen and provide them with the relevant capabilities.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Both tire pressure and temperature determine how likely your tires are to blowout on the road. A blowout, especially at high speeds, is one of the emergencies you should never have behind the wheel. Fitting a tire pressure monitor to your car allows you to know when your tires have been overinflated or underinflated or if their temperature is unreasonably high.

Hopefully, the gadgets above (among other things) will help you stay safe behind the wheel and maintain a clean driving and claims history. You can leverage on both things to enjoy low insurance rates. Talk to your insurance agents, like those from House-Chilson & Associates, for more ways of enjoying low insurance premiums.